Donnerwetter 011 – The Blessed Sacrament – Club Vaag

Sat 09.04 @ Club Vaag

There is no more doubt that Club Vaag is a place made for Dark Minimal Techno. The music, the lights, the energy… Everything falls into place from the first note to the last one…
This time we invited Martin Gruen from Hamburg and the amazing duo Mateo & Spirit from Hungary ! Let’s do this !

LINE-UP ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

> Martin Gruen [Tlaloc/Sensum/Shinocs – DE]

> Mateo & Spirit [MKT Rec, Dark Face Records – HU]

> Ode Maen [Sweet Trade/Moin Moin Records – BE]

> Massaar [Sweet Trade – BE]

> Duister [BE]


Presale : 10€ (Fee Included)
Artwork by M Design Studio